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Design and personalize elegant digital business cards, ready to be shared with individuals both in close proximity and across distant locations.

Understanding the concept of digital business cards

A digital business card represents a contemporary method for exchanging contact details. Termed as virtual or electronic business cards as well, these digital alternatives surpass traditional physical cards in terms of interactivity, affordability, and environmental friendliness. A notable advantage of digital business cards lies in their capacity to be easily distributed to individuals across various locations. Digital Profile offers a platform to craft digital business cards, compatible with iOS, Android, or desktop devices, allowing for extensive personalization to match individual preferences.

Demystifying the functionality of Digital Profile's digital cards

Digital Profile’s digital business cards operate in a straightforward manner. They are devoid of any charges, highly adaptable to personal preferences, and can be effortlessly exchanged with others, without the necessity of the recipient possessing an application.

Upon registration via iOS, Android, or the web, users gain the ability to fashion and customize their inaugural virtual business card. The flexibility extends to crafting several cards, each capable of harboring distinct sets of information. This enables the creation of cards intended for professional acquaintances, clients, as well as friends, accommodating various spheres of communication.

Optimal solution for contactless business cards

The top choice in contactless business cards is offered by HiHello. These digital business cards eliminate the need for physical touch, making it possible to send and receive contact information virtually, without any concerns about germs. This electronic alternative to traditional business cards can be easily shared regardless of geographical constraints and timing. Utilizing a digital business card grants you the convenience of updating your details with a simple tap, negating the necessity of reordering and shipping physical cards.

Tailor your card to align with your brand identity

Elevating business cards beyond mere contact details is essential. HiHello provides the means to incorporate personalized elements such as your chosen name, pronouns, and professional credentials into your digital business card. Enrich the card’s impact by including a personal photograph to ensure lasting recognition, or infuse dynamic engagement with live photos or videos. Expand the card’s scope by integrating social media profiles, a company logo, payment platforms like Venmo, Yelp page links, PDF attachments, and more. HiHello stands out as the ultimate business card application for customization, available both on the App Store and Google Play.

Extend your cusiness card's reach across boundaries

With Digtial Profile digital business card, you have the ability to distribute it to anyone, regardless of whether they possess the app. (Indeed, recipients are not required to have HiHello in order to receive your card!) Various avenues exist for sharing your card:


Why opt for Digital Profile?

Digital Profile stands out as the premier digital business card app across both the App Store and Google Play, garnering the highest user ratings. From individuals to enterprises, Digital Profile is the trusted platform for all digital business card needs.

Digital Profile provides complimentary and premium digital business card subscriptions, catering to those seeking to enhance their individual experience or facilitate the transition of their entire team or company to the world of virtual business cards.

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Frequently asked questions

Digital business cards are modern alternatives for sharing contact information efficiently and sustainably. They outshine traditional physical cards with their interactivity, affordability, and eco-consciousness. Often referred to as virtual, electronic, or NFC business cards, they cater to both individuals and businesses seeking innovative networking solutions.

NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards allow contactless information exchange. Unlike full-fledged digital cards, NFC cards need additional hardware. HiHello, a leading digital card app, is NFC compatible, enabling you to write an NFC tag for seamless use.

Even if they don't have the app, anyone may access your Digital Profile card. On the mobile app for your Digtial profile, choose the card you wish to send and then select Send. There are several ways to distribute your card:
the QR code
Text AirDrop Email
the internet
Link exchange
NFC tag for WhatsApp
Watch Apple
Signatures on emails
fictitious backgrounds

Business cards featuring Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology let you share your card with just one tap, but they call for an extra piece of hardware. The Digital Profile app does enable NFC sharing, however it is safer to share your card through a QR code, email, or text message. All you need is an NFC tag.

Yes, the information on your digital business cards is secure. Digital Profile uses industry-leading best practises to safeguard client data and complies with the SOC 2 Type II security standard. You also have control over what information is shared on your cards and who receives them.

Your digital business cards' information is protected, that much is certain. Digital Profile adheres to the SOC 2 Type II security standard and applies industry-leading best practises to protect customer data. You may decide who receives your cards and what information is shared on them.

Smart business cards are another name for digital business cards. All of your HiHello contacts have the most recent version of your HiHello card, so they are always up to date with your most recent information.

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